The Cost of Termite Inspection in San Diego


Do you have termite problems? Do you have enough money to pay for the cost of the treatment? How Much Does Termite Treatment Really Cost? What about the cost of a termite inspection? These are the most common questions from homeowners.

Termites are very destructive pests. They can destroy your house in a few years. Of course, you can use the DIY treatment products available on the market. They are the most accessible. However, if the infestation is out of control, you may need to call a termite control service. Termite professionals will come to inspect your home to take appropriate treatment measures. But how much does termite inspection cost?

Termite inspection

In reality, prices for termite home inspections vary by business and your home. Well-known and reputable companies tend to offer high prices for their reputation and quality of service, while larger houses involve more areas to inspect, increasing the bill. There are also free termite inspections. Termite control startups offer free inspections to attract customers to your business.

Pest inspection

After the inspection, you receive a report on wood-destroying insects. This report consists of two parts. The first part provides information on possible immediate actions to control termites, while the other details the possible problems that may arise. Free termite inspections do not include this report, as you would really have to pay for it. However, some give it free. Do not hesitate to ask the company before carrying out the operations to avoid communication errors.

Termite treatment

The cost of termite treatment varies greatly due to various factors. Here is a fractional list of all the possible factors that you can pay for a termite treatment service:

Workforce and training

  • Equipment, supplies, products, and maintenance
  • Sales commission
  • Company expenses
  • Insurance
  • Licensing and taxes

The treatment approach will depend on the report on the wood-destroying insect and affects the cost of treatment. You will pay for the service and products that are used. If it can still be controlled using weak powders and sprays, it will usually cost less than a fumigation process.

There are two types of termite treatment and their cost is different. Typically, the cost of the termite pretreatment plan is less expensive compared to subsequent treatments. Pretreatments are cheap because it is much easier to apply the chemicals without the framework. When the structure is already there, the specialists will have to spend some time maneuvering to complete the service.

If you have a termite infestation, reach out to us for a free quotation of the cost of a Pest Control Company in San Diego California. We offer professional services at friendly prices.